Brilliance and Know how in retail and environment design

What if

you need to create a space to represent your brand?

You might want to use that space to sell fashion; phones, cars or even houses. Or maybe you simply want to make your brand a surround experience for all who enter, helping everyone who works for the brand or experiences it in your space taste it in the air and understand its value. At Studio Hagger we are experts in making a building a walk-in brand experience. Whether it’s a retail space in an airport, a High Street department store or a corporate HQ building we can make it sing your song.

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There has never been a time

when an unassailable brand statement has been so important in the automotive business. Studio Hagger has long specialised in design for this tough competitive sector. We are vastly experienced, both in protecting and expressing these valuable brands and in understanding and accommodating specific dealer network issues.

This is not a sector that suffers fools gladly.

Our client track record ranges from Alfa Romeo to Auto Planet and from individual dealership design to global roll-out management. We know how to create a narrative customer journey that makes the most of every opportunity to persuade and seduce. And we know how to do this not only for the most premium of brands - but right across the scale to the most mass-market affordable brands.

Throughout our nine-year role as Global Brand Guardians for the hugely successful Jaguar and Land Rover brands, we have steered the look and feel of the dealership environments for both brands across all their markets. We have worked from initial designs through to project management of local prototypes, showcasing the brands in all types and sizes of dealership, from a huge dual brand flagship in Mumbai to a small boutique city dealership in London. This year we have expanded our role, developing exciting concept architecture for this automotive success story, including HQ buildings in China, academic buildings in the UK and flagship dealerships in Kiev and beyond.

Making sense

of the new retail paradigm can be a complex business. Multi-channel, Omni Channel, bricks and mortar versus online, pop up shops, dark stores, click and collect..... How much is too much? When is it enough? And how do you keep it all clear, simple and understandable? Research clearly tells us that online sales for a retail brand increase when a walk in shop is in the same postcode area. But how to make that expensive retail site really worth its price? Retail design has never been more exciting - or more challenging.

We’ve recently brought several previously purely online offers to bricks and mortar - at a time when the norm has been to move in the opposite direction.

For high profile Plus size fashion brand Simply Be, extending from purely online and catalogue sales to the High Street was a gift to the millions of women size 16 or over (by the way that’s 60% of UK women) who want to be able to shop for fun on a Saturday without feeling marginalised and self conscious. On the morning of the launch of our first prototype shop in Liverpool, customers were queuing round the block to get in. Ten shops later we are continuing to roll the scheme out in an ambitious UK-wide programme. Not only that but catalogue retail giant owners JD Williams have added men’s ‘big and tall’ brand, Jacamo, to the mix with the result that our new Jacamo concept roll-out is gathering speed by the day.
Exit Through
the Gift Shop

Remember the ad for the V&A

with the strapline: ‘An ace caff with quite a nice museum attached”? Not far from the truth for many of us visiting museums, art galleries or visitor attractions. Food writer Giles Coren recalls visiting London Zoo as a child and caring more about the gift shop than the animals: "Thousands of school children, coachloads of them have to visit these places, and all they care about is the shop."

Well that’s our bit.

We have a great track record in this unusual sector. We designed the retail stores - and incidentally also some of the attractions - at LEGOLAND in both Windsor in the UK and Carlsbad California as part of a long relationship with the LEGO brand.  Moving up the age scale and battling unprecedented Listed Building issues, we developed a store to mark the completion of a visit to the Tower of London. We have created exciting 3D brand experience concepts for the Land Rover off-road driving centres and we were responsible for the powerful retail sign off at Vinopolis, City of Wine, one of London’s more recent visitor attractions.   
High Street

It’s a brutal world out there

and retail brands are having to fight hard to compete for a share in a slimmer customer wallet.

At Studio Hagger we have over 15 years’ proven track record of designing shops for the High Street and shopping centre: from the halls of high profile department stores such as Liberty, Harrods and Marks and Spencer to one-off boutiques and franchises such as nailbar chain,Ten and bespoke tailor 40 Savile Row, to the design and roll-out implementation of nationwide fashion brands such as New Look, TopShop Country Casuals (Now CC) and, most recently, the much feted plus size pioneers, Simply Be.

Away from the ever dominant fashion sector, we have designed and rolled out a new look for premium property consultants Hamptons; and a powerful ATM identity for the Bank of Ireland - among many many others
Culture Change

Your business needs

to make a change. It might be to do with managing a growth spurt, an acquisition or merger; it might be about streamlining, reducing numbers - perhaps rapidly - or changing premises. Perhaps it’s simply about attracting the right sort of people - and then holding on to them. Managing change internally, with the people who have to make it happen, can be both complex and time consuming. Sometimes it helps to literally shift the ground beneath their feet.

When it comes to the people who work for you, your buildings can be a vital channel through which to change hearts and minds. You can craft your spaces in order to influence working patterns and catalyse new attitudes and behaviours, and to demonstrate that if you are, perforce, taking away with one hand, you are also giving with the other. Use your building to excite and inspire, to express your brand or its new direction more powerfully and persuasively to your people. Terence Conran once declared that ‘Design is Strategy made Manifest”. Where better to do this than where your business lives and breathes? And if a new message and energy goes in - it also goes out to all the staff, stakeholders and audiences who interract in any way with your newly refocused people. It’s a win win.

Have a look at our work for housing association, Viridian. On a publicly scrutinised, tighter than tight budget we revolutionised their corporate HQ to signal a new era and initiate sweeping new working practices for the recently streamlined organisation. Talk to us too about what we did for Hamptons property consultants, redefining their identity from the inside out and rolling it out across the South West UK.

What better consumer

than a captive one? Time to kill, relaxed after check-in, travel money at the ready...... How unsurprising then that the duty free shopping market has been going from strength to strength, enviably insulated from downturn and recession.

Studio Hagger has long been one of the world’s top specialist names for tax and duty free retail design. We have over 60 successful case studies in this specialist sector both in the UK and internationally. Our duty free stores range from main 3000 sq ft duty free stores with multi department offers to small air-side one-off shops. We have pioneered the growth of the walk-through duty free. And our role extends from the initial concept design right through to intensive negotiation with the powerful product brand owners to achieve the right balance between portfolio brand, value messages and premium envelope environment.

Beyond pure retail we have also worked extensively with several of the major airport operators on improving the commercial impact of wider departure lounge spaces.