What better consumer

than a captive one? Time to kill, relaxed after check-in, travel money at the ready...... How unsurprising then that the duty free shopping market has been going from strength to strength, enviably insulated from downturn and recession.

Studio Hagger has long been one of the world’s top specialist names for tax and duty free retail design. We have over 60 successful case studies in this specialist sector both in the UK and internationally. Our duty free stores range from main 3000 sq ft duty free stores with multi department offers to small air-side one-off shops. We have pioneered the growth of the walk-through duty free. And our role extends from the initial concept design right through to intensive negotiation with the powerful product brand owners to achieve the right balance between portfolio brand, value messages and premium envelope environment.

Beyond pure retail we have also worked extensively with several of the major airport operators on improving the commercial impact of wider departure lounge spaces.