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When Viridian, one of the UK’s biggest housing associations, decided to move all of its London HQ staff from their old Hammersmith office to a smaller newer Clapham site, they wanted to make the change more than skin-deep. Their culture was, they felt, old-fashioned, their management style too hierarchical. They wanted to embrace a new, more flexible, task based management strategy and to ensure that staff cut-backs that were essential to future growth were minimised in visible impact. Most crucially, they wanted to imbue their new HQ workspace with a sense of crusading purpose fitting for the positive work the organisation does providing homes to those who might not otherwise be able to afford them. And, publicly scrutinised as a non-profit organisation, they could not spend a lot of money.

Our response was to create an environment that encouraged, even drove, new working practices. We got rid of personal desks, providing instead a variety of different types of workspace that could be selected according to the type of work at hand that day. Quiet single spaces, collaborative spaces, cafe style booths and open meeting areas. Throughout the three storey building we placed a spine of vividly coloured work and meeting rooms featuring giant images of great reformers from Martin Luther King to Aneurin Bevan and Emmeline Pankhurst, Bob Geldof to Mother Theresa. In the soft seating contemplative spaces we placed similarly large graphics with poetry on the themes of family and home from poets ranging from contemporary Londoner Lemn Sisay to Emily Dickinson.

The results were phenomenally successful. Chief Executive Matthew Fox told us that the staff were proud of their new space and were adapting to the new working practices quickly, gladly and by choice rather than feeling mandated. The principles of the new look were quickly rolled out to key subsidiary offices.

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